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50lb BUCKitLoad | Apple Spiced

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Introducing the ultimate deer magnet: the 50lb BUCKitLoad | 5 Gal Apple Spiced Mineral Rock. Elevate your wildlife management game with our Jurassic ROCK Crushed Mineral in Apple Spiced flavor, created to keep the wildlife on your property coming back for more! This year-round mineral supplement is not just another attractant; it's a powerhouse of essential nutrients that your wildlife crave. Packed with 17 natural prehistoric minerals, including aluminum, boron, and calcium, our BUCKitLoad ensures your wildlife receive the comprehensive nutrition they need to thrive.

What sets our mineral supplement apart is its balanced formulation. Each mineral is naturally created for your deer population. From chromium to cobalt, copper to iodine, iron to lithium, and beyond, every essential element is included to support optimal health and vitality. The 50lb BUCKitLoad is more than just a mineral supplement; it's a commitment to wildlife stewardship. By providing a consistent source of essential minerals, you're not only attracting deer, but you're also investing in their long-term well-being.

Whether you're a seasoned wildlife enthusiast or a land manager looking to enhance your property's biodiversity, our mineral supplement is the perfect choice. With its convenient packaging and irresistible Apple Spiced flavor, attracting and maintaining wildlife has never been easier.

Don't settle for mediocre minerals and attractants. Choose the BUCKitLoad | 5 Gal Apple Spiced Mineral Rock and witness the difference it makes in your wildlife management efforts.


Directions for Use


Creating a Mineral Site


Use our 15lb Jurassic Rock® along with the Jurassic Rock® Crushed mineral Rock to kick-start your minearl site. Clear a 4'x4' area on the ground and pour out the Crushed Mineral Rock. Throughout a few rain cycles, the product will disappear, soaking into the earth creating a mineral lick. Continue to refresh through the year as needed.

1 review for 50lb BUCKitLoad | Apple Spiced

  1. Todd

    Been using it for mineral sites at my small farm and the deer love it. I’ve even had gobblers pecking at it.

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