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Free America Deer Antler Mounting Kit


  • Iron Buck Antler Mounting Solution
  • Decorative American flag artwork for patriotic style
  • Thirty Second antler mount gives you a quick and awesome solution to display your prized antlers
  • The Iron Buck will accept most medium sized big game antlers with skull caps, including White Tail Deer, Mule Deer, Axis Deer, Black Tail Deer, Cues and even Sitka
  • One screw mounting system
  • Patented and awesome artistic solution that adds variety to your trophy wall


Directions for Use


Creating a Mineral Site


Use our 15lb Jurassic Rock® along with the Jurassic Rock® Crushed mineral Rock to kick-start your minearl site. Clear a 4'x4' area on the ground and pour out the Crushed Mineral Rock. Throughout a few rain cycles, the product will disappear, soaking into the earth creating a mineral lick. Continue to refresh through the year as needed.


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